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Touch and Tease Vol. 2

23 December 18

This anime porn game goes by the name"Touch and Tease" however until you may begin playing with it you ought to be aware you will be touching and taunting your workplace masculine crush... while being the stud your self! Yepthis is only one of so called"yaoi" genre games thus there'll be men just now and you need to play with it only if you're completely okay with this particular motif. You're alright with this? Then get ready to care for your fresh closest buddy's figure by undressing himtouching him, which makes him sexy and... well, will not be opening all of the cards at the beginning but most likely you already know where it is going. And see your deeds throughout the game will likely be significant since according to what you may decide to say or would you'll get among few a few endings involving both positive and negative ones.

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