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18 May 21

"Double curricular" is really a continious series of visual books about the pupil and a lot of troubles he (well, after you will commence playing it'll be you) would need to face besides the typical school things. But regardless of what's going to occur - and that there are likely to occur a great deal of things - you may always discover the service and delight in relations with two sexy red-haired girls with whome you needed to reside under the same roof. Ofcourse you're free-for-all to build either favorable or intimate relations of any of these or you could focuse on a number of different characters which can connect you in this trip - just like any other great visual novel here you'll be receiving the chocie in the important points of this narrative in order to construct your personal adventure. And do not leave behind about really supreme looking CG artworks!

Double Home Work Episode 18

20 May 21

You will find more difficult situations as the story progresses. But if you're willing to have a new chapter full of exciting adventures, then enjoy the 18th chapter in "Doble Homework" visual book! This episode features the entire class going on an educational trip in Barbossa. You are also going, but it's not in the same group as school. This place has some avalanche memories. This isn't all. Your arch-nemesis Dennis managed to acquire the place along with all the girls, and it is clearly not making you happy. Perhaps Miss Mosley can help you solve some of these problems, but it seems that she may have her own interests in the development of such events.

Double Home Work Episode 17

30 April 21

The situations with Dennis keeps growing that clearly brings the bets within this intimate game of yours higher - besides the fact he was responcible to your expulsion he menaces to some buddies with blackmailing approaches while attempting to put you up much more. Ofcourse you just can't allow anything of those matters to get too much and so as to stop it you will need to act immediately and sans doubt. Even though it is going to include breaking into Dennis' mansion. Clearly such delicate kind of job will requrie to get a counterpart having specific group of abilities and finindg such individual will establish your potential success in several areas of not just your personal life but the lifestyles and wellbeing of your closest friends.