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League of Pleasures

11 May 21

"League of Pleasures" is obviously the very manga porn parody over quite famous videogame"League of Legends" that brings such popular sweeties from it has roster as Lux, Nidalee and Miss Fortune in a entirely new kind of venture that combines memory game and interactive manga porn scenes! Accoridng to the story you will need to choose one of these female champions (Lux will be available at the start while two others will be unlocked afterwards) in ordet ro give a proper fight to the creature from the deep but you also won't be giving it upon a battlefield in it's classic meaning - instead you will need to repeat all the sexy moves and fuck the champion of your choice in the proper order! Be careful as you can either win or loose the game after the round is over.

Summoners Quest Ch.5

20 May 21

The classic, fantasy-themed tale of Summoner's adventures continues in the fifth chapter. it isfirst of all suggested for those who would like to see more aspects other than sex, including hentai-themed parodies. If you are one of those people? Make sure to play the first chapter (which you can access on our site of course) in case you've never played before. Then, you can discover the thrilling new story, in which the main protagonist will need to take on a formidable muscular woman and even battle her... on the stage of the arm-wrestling championship! Do you think what kinds of sex scenes could be feasible in this situation? That's enough to make you want to watch I'm sure of it! If you're not, then there is only one way to discover the solution and that's to take on the game yourself!

Kiss My Camera

18 September 22

The blonde goes through the sex casting, and then kisses the actor. After that, she gets her clothes off. Then she is filmed by a camera. A photo of her body appears on the screen. The image is then magnified. She appears to becompletely naked. The woman who is lying on the bed, turns to the camera. She smiles, but doesn't say anything. The image of her lips appear as they move. Then, vaginal sex commences and the blonde is able to orgasm.

Katarina titfuck – League of legends anime porn

20 March 18

Redhead with a lot of sexiness Katarina is well-known outside the realm of "League of Legends" videogameand barely this is going to be a surprise not at all. A hot redhead who has great bodycurves as well as thirst for action will discover a myriad of adventures with her beautiful ass, including in parody minigames! If she can take down her foes and get the bodies of her adversaries, what should she conduct herself when meeting a large fan? Giving this fan a good blow is going to be a good idea! You've already concluded, Katarina is likely to make use of this blowjob as her next strategy, and you are invited to take part in the entire experience up to the last moment with her cumshot all over her beautiful body and a happy smile!

League of Futa

26 March 18

In this game we go after dick dame Riven and her sexual exploits. I'm afraid I'm still terrible at as3 and I couldn't get the sounds to work right and got indeed frustrated and it stopped me from putting this game up for a loooooong time. Regardless, this was a commissioned flash I received about a year ago, and I'm blessed it's done and I'm blessed with the work I put into it! Just click the buttons to progress, along with the space club will take you to the gallery!

Miss Fortune's Booty Trap

26 March 18

Miss Fortune is one incredibly sexy redhead pirate chick which you already know if you have played with such popular videogame as"League of Legends" (and even if you ddin't then you still might know her Headlinethanks to all those manga porn parodies) and today you will get the uncommon opportunity of creeping to her private chamber... where she will capture you and use your already erected sausage for her fun! The only thing that she ha snot decided yet is does she want you to put it he rpussy or her butthole? Well, looks like this chocie is after you! Also don't forget to explore the room for some interesting objects clicking on which will let you to change Miss Fortune's outfits (mane of them are also from official game which will make her admirers happier!).

Summoners Quest Ch.2

17 April 18

Story about medieval journey of Summoner continues. As previously all you'll get is a one sex animation. To reachthat you will have to answer few questions in a quiz style.

Katarina: The General's Stepdaughter

1 May 18

Damn interesting 3D sex flash game. The main character of the game is the stepdaughter of the general. Her name is Katarina du Coto, was born in one of the most notable and respectable Noxus families and absorbed a sense of superiority with her mother's milk. Katarina is a Noxian killer of the highest class. But for her there is a punishment. She was caught by enemy soldiers and had sex torture. Katarina will pay for her misconduct with her body. On the perfect side of the screen there is a panel for selecting an interactive sex scene. As an example, rectal sex. Click with your mouse and you will observe how a soldier fucks Katarina in her taut rump. Fat lollipop rips a woman in half. On the left of the screen there is the possibility of choosing an additional scene. As an example, double penetration. Click and you will notice how two soldiers fuck Katarina in her cooter and donk at exactly the identical time...

Bang Your Champ

23 June 18

In this interesting and alluring flash game you can fuck a gorgeous and chesty damsel. In addition, the game gives you the opportunity to customize this buxom whore. So look at the game screen. You see a beautiful damsel. She is downright naked and depends upon the sofa. At the top of the game screen there is a game control menu. Use the mouse to interact with the menu items. There you may choose sex scenes. And after that you may enjoy how a fat trunk fucks a chesty damsel in her taut and pink puss. This chesty redhaired whore yells in pain and pleasure, but it does not stop you. Only fuck this beauty until she has multiple orgasms

Ahri manga porn 3d – Huntress of Souls

1 July 18

Ahri is one of the most popular characters of"League of Legend" roster - she is popula even among people who are not playing the game at all! Because how can you not like legendary nine-tail fox in kind of a sexy lady? Even if this moment you have somehow tresspassing her domain and now you will have to pay for that... Ofcourse she wanted to kill you at first but briefly realised that being here alone for too long has turned into a little bit of mercy in her... or is it just a hunger for good fucking? Anyway try to keep her in all possible ways if you wish to live long enough to find the ending credits. Blowjob, titfuck, facial cum-shots and creampies - Ahri is having a lot of plans on creating your tantalizes quite an titillating and long lasting! And even more anime porn parodies with other LoL characters you can always find on our website!

League of Pussy V.03 Meet Sona and Ahri

7 April 21

"League of Pussy" - just after reading the title you already know about what exactly popular videogame this manga porn parody is about. That's right - the bunch of sexy characters from"League of Legends" roster will proove you that they are pretty skillfull not only on the battlefields but in other physical tasks too and if you happened to be the worshipper of such characters as Sona and Ahri in particular then you will be especially blessed to know that having sex with them will become the principal rewards for perfoming quests, explroing dangeorus teriotories, fighting with monsters and... and pretty much all the other normal things you usually do in many other videogames. Only in this one you will also get some manga porn content.


7 May 21

A fleshy nymph with enormous tits and crimson hair, whose name is Katarina, invited a neighbor's swell to rest. Katarina would like to alleviate stress. She unbuttons her cover and sits on her lap. Her enormous fleshy watermelons look into the road. Mm.. Use the mouse to the touch the nymph's nips, then twist them. Here is that the actual activity that Katarina referred to. He unzips his pants and starts consumption his salami. Licking his salami, Katarina inserts it between her watermelons and yield to fumble it off. Oh, gods. However sensible it's. Katarina's cock-squeezing nut press tightly against the erectile organ and knead it. Click the mouse on the nut of Katarina. When you are prepared, splash your seed on Katarina's globes and she'll be total. Perhaps we are able to begin the fun at once.

Summoner's Quest Ch.9.5

10 May 21

"Summoner's Quest" is not completed yet so meet new chapter from the series which this time goes by the number 9.5. This time you will meet such alluring characters as Jinx, Vi and Cautlyn from planetpopular videogame"League of Legends" and can be you will get quite lucky with a number of them. Actually even though the game has two major routes you are still going to get some manga porn content anyway so barely you should be concerned about that. Also it is important to state that this game gets more and more focused on the story so read the dialogs and play previous vignettes to know who is who and what is what in thw world of Summoner if you are indeed interested. And if long stroies is not for you then you can always find a lot of kinky manga porn content with LOL characters on our website!

Nidalee: Queen of the Jungle

22 May 21

In this intriguing and depraved 3D sex game you will uncover the secrets of the jungle. The group went into the jungle to investigate the local flora and fauna. However, the professor wasn't able to guess what was hiding within the jungle. According to the tribes of the area the myth of a god of the jungle was a resident of the area. Her name is Nidali. The professor isn't convinced by the stories. For some reason, it's rustling at evening. The professor glances around and notices a gorgeous and beautiful woman. She has bronzed skin, an athletic shape, and big bums. That's Nidali. The girl has started to get sex. To begin, the girl suckers a fatty female cock. She then jumps across the large cock. It's clear that the professor didn't plan this sequence of events. Make use of the mouse as well as game objects to interact with the game. Have fun playing this 3D game of sex right now.

Leaugue Of Lust

21 September 21

Being a lower rank soldier in the King's Army has shielded your from having any problems for all the time, yet everything is going to change soon - due to various reasons it's you who were chosen to fulfill the task of finding a very precious treasure. In order to locate it, you'll have to explore and track down the most skilled warriors of these regions. It's a good thing that the majority of them are women who are hot, so there's a different way to manage these women...

League of Pussy V.02 Saving Jinx

24 June 19

"League of Pussy" is actually a series of anime porn paordy games based on top-down rpg mechanics. You battle enemies, will be explroing the planet, find artifacts and so on with one purpose only - to find and save Jinx. If you remeber Jinx is one skinny and a little bit crazy nymph from"League of Legends" videogame who certainly has lots of aficionados all over the world and if you are one of them (or if this nymph is onlyyour type) then you should not waste any more time - just pick two of avaialble weapons, learn to use magic and potions and begin your trip. In the future story, sex scenes and overal gameplay features might be improved but even now you can already take part in epic quest. And don't forget to check other game sform this series with other characters!

Fuck Your Champion 1.4

29 April 21

You are going to meet quite few League of Legends champions during this anime porn game, and a few of them are going to be blessed to test them fucked. Plus, which indicates she currently has a lot of champions unfastened, new costumes, new bang-out game modes, and more! The sport is formed from a first-person perspective. You may watch the feminine champion of your alternative right ahead of you, waiting to be fucked. However recall that you simply cannot solely select one champion, however additionally use customization choices and make your own! At that time you'll begin the match - choose one among the icons. If you're unfamiliar the initial game, you will want a minute to hunt out out their that means by merely clicking on them and see what happens. However in spite of that which happens, your attractive champion are going to be fucked anyway!

Date with Akali

11 May 18

This is a free sex fighting game by Akali. Your task is to standagainst her and beat her. But this game comprises unusual option - if you don't need to go through hard fighting game, it's possible to merely enjoy the porno at the beginning of this sex game.

Summoners Quest Ch.9

25 May 18

Summoner's quest is ready to present to you new chapter - chapter 9. Even though the game is a hentai parody yet it it still story oriented so before you will start this scene yu most likely shoul play all the previous ones if have not played them yet. Looks like this time our primary character got into some issues with non otherwise why would these two female officers be so rough with him? Are they always like this or they have some real strategies on our hero? This is something you will have to find out yourself by taking part in dialogs with them and making choices when needed. By the way, the officers ' VI and Jinx which you might recall watching as characters in mega popular moba game"League of Legends". Thus, even if visual novel is not your genre but you enjoy playing LOL then may be you should give this manga porn parody a chance?

Huntress of Souls

1 July 18

It may take some time for this game to stream but is gonan worth it - the graphics in this game is pretty good and sex scenes are created in 3D and fully animated! Also it will worth the waiting if you happen to be a devotee of"League of legends" videogame since the ultra-cutie in this game looks like Ahri - sexy fox chick from LOL. Within this game youwill try the role of an assassin. And ofcourse your goal will be to find and eliminate your target. But in attempt to do so you end up in some mysterious region in a compny of hot fox chick. In no time she will seduce you and this is where the gameplay begins. Now your goal is to fuck her well and to do so you may select one of different sexual positions - from deep throat and titfuck to cowgirl and missionary... or you could just watch her masturbating using both forearms!