Photographer Porn Games

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Meet and Pound - Ocean Cruise

7 May 21

Your name is Nick Sanders and you are studying at Springfield College. Your father gave him a camera that you would make a career as a professional photographer. At the summer holidays, you will get a job that could earn some currency for buying a new camera. You sent your portfolio to a lot of fascinating magazines. Suddenly, you get an invitation from the director of one of the magazines to produce a professional photo shoot. Having passed the conversation, I am sending you about a round-the-world rail on a liner. Your job is to take photos of these dolls for the magazine. But besides that, you can start an intimate relationship with them and take a few pornography shots for yourself. Find dolls who are prepared to this, tempting them and fucking in all sexual poses. And then see what supreme pornography pictures have turned out.

Fuck Quest

27 May 21

If you've ever thought that working as a photographer at the magazine of the moment means you'll be speeding constantly in the professional studio with the most glamorous proffessional modelsthen... you are incorrect! It is, at the very least, as per the scenario shown in the game in which you are actually an editor in the renowned magazine. It is the responsibility of you to find models for photoshoots, and even to pay them. This is also your responsibility! Therefore, get out of your comfy and cozy office and walk out onto the streets of city life and begin searching for beautiful women that will take your proposition. Also, don't forget to look for part-time opportunities as you're bound to need money and also keep an eye out for helpful objects to accumulate.

Erotic Magazine

14 May 22

What's better than being photographer for an erotic magazine? Just to have your own Erotic magazine! It is likely that those were the thoughts of the main character of the story when he decided to begin his own business. It's a lot much more complicated than it sounds and the success of this business can be is dependent on the different choices player. The choices you make!

Meet and plow ocean cruise fucky-fucky journey

5 June 18

The world famous magazine for audlts has decided to release a new calendar to its loyal readers. For that, the group of hot models will embark on cruise so they can showcase their stunning bodycurves at the most gorgeous places around the globe. Of course, in order to present these stunning pictures to the viewers there will need to be a photographerworking with them... andas you've probably guessed, you'll be this photographer! Are you prepared to embark on an ocean cruise in an intimate group of hot women and not just to perform your traditional duits but also to discover an appropriate way to interact with every model, and possibly even be a sexy and flirt with some of them? Yes! You're ready for a next adventure, because the ship is scheduled to leave as you hit the start button!

Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise

7 April 21

How about learning the story of a youthfull photographer who went on an ocean cruise on assignment from a magazine editor. And so, besides the photo, he was able to conduct sexual adventures. So, the protagonist of the game is called Nick. Now Nick is the most popular photographer. While he travels on a holiday, his mission is to photograph youthfull gals. Thus, the magazine wants to find a new face for the cover. But Nick decides to fulfill one of the gals much closer. They invite her to the cabin and they communicate. Select the right dialogue options to seduce a chick. And then you can undress her and start eating her clitoris and sucking large watermelons with pink nips. After that, start fucking the chick in her pink cunt. Do not forget to take a sex photo to watch them afterwards. Go search for sex at this time.

Picture Perfect

4 March 23

Due to the cruel and complicated methods of fate, you're lucky enough to live with three beautiful womenwho happen to be sisters. Being a photographer, you've mastered the beauty of female bodies' shape and you cannot get through the day without having a sexually stimulating thought! From now on, your main goal is to go after every one of them and try not to get everything fucked up!

Chara CardMaster

24 May 23

You enjoyed accumulating and also trading cards your whole life and also now you are the owner of the card making firm! Yet below come the troubles - in order to keep your business going you need to market cards and also for that you have to locate your audience. And also what is marketing the most effective? Hot and also pleasant anime girls posing barely dressed - that's without a doubt! So manage your firm and also try to make as many models to collaborate with you as possible!